Frequently Asked Questions

Your organization is unique, and so should your healthcare services. Summit Healthcare Solutions offers individualized medical excellence to our clients. We pride ourselves in providing responsive and reliable solutions to our clients healthcare needs.

We take the time to understand your organization’s needs and act as your healthcare fiduciary, always placing your interest in the forefront. Our culture promotes our duty to preserve good faith and trust in all we do.

Our authentic culture of medical excellence, innovation, customer engagement and attention to detail allows us to deliver quality services.

Did you know, it is the responsibility of the employer to secure a safe workplace by reducing the risk of injury and illness?

Securing a safe workplace environment includes protecting employees from:

  • Biological Hazards : blood and other body fluids, mold / bacteria, insect bites, plants etc.
  • Chemical & Dust Hazards : asbestos, pesticides, vapors, and gases etc.
  • Ergonomic Hazards : repetitive movements, lifting, awkward postures, vibration etc.
  • Physical Hazards : loud noise, temperature extremes, radiation etc.
  • Safety Hazards : Slips, trips, falls, confined spaces, faulty equipment etc.

Be Informed:
Become familiar with the federal and state regulations regarding workplace safety.
Train workforce on safety best practices, proper use of equipment, hazard identification and reporting process within your organization.

Be Prepared:
Maintain Safety Data Sheets for all chemical products readily available to your workforce.
Provide required personal protective equipment to your workforce.
Develop policies and procedures that highlight occupational health and safety compliant to local, state, and Federal laws.

Be Assured:
That Summit Healthcare Solutions can be your source for compliance.